VR Multithreading

Note:Tenable does not support Domain Separation because it requires data management at the individual domain level of a multi-level domain. Domain Separation is a specialty product for ServiceNow and the Tenable app suite features a single un-layered domain for the average enterprise implementation.

In ServiceNow, you can select multiple data source registries that import data into the ServiceNow application. By default, Tenable for VR enables four registries for Tenable.io and four for Tenable.sc. Through the Multithreading tab, you can select up to eight data source registries for each application, or sixteen total registries.

Note: Enabling more than 9 datasources requires special instance tuning by ServiceNow professional support.

To manage multithreading:

  1. Login to ServiceNow.
  2. Navigate to Tenable for VR > ConfigurationMultithreading.

    The Data Source Registries page appears.

  3. In the Active column, double-click the registry you want to enable.

    The Active drop-down box appears.

  4. Do one of the following:
    • To enable a data source registry, from the drop-down, select True.
    • To disable a data source registry, from the drop-down, select False.
  5. Click the Save button.

    ServiceNow updates your selection.