Schedule ITSM Import

To configure ITSM to Sync from to ServiceNow:

  1. Log in to ServiceNow.
  2. Go to the Tenable Connector for which you want to schedule the import.
  3. Scroll to the Scheduled Jobs section.
  4. Click New.

    The Tenable Schedule Import page appears.

  5. Configure the options for your import. for ITSM- need access to page to fill in appropriate fields

    Option Description
    Tenable Application

    The Tenable application for which you are building the import or export, i.e., for Assets, for ITSM, for VR.

    Note: This option only displays Tenable applications that you have available (installed).

    Tenable Product The Tenable product that you are importing or exporting to or from.
    Connector The connector used for the import or export.
    Name A unique name for your import or export.
    Last Update Pull  
    Active (Optional) Deselect the Active check box. If the import and connector are active, an asset sync is automatically queued when you submit the import or export.
    Default Chunk Size  
    SC Query (Only for The query used for the import or export.


    Record Update Sync Frequency

    The frequency of pulling assets (in minutes). The default setting is once a day (1,440 minutes).

    Note: This option is hard coded and can only be changed via the code.

  6. Click Submit. The connector automatically runs when it is created.

Note: If you want to run an import or export on demand, click Execute Now.