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Splunk Environments

The installation process for the Tenable App for Splunk and Tenable Add-On for Splunk varies based on your Splunk environment.

Deployment Types

Single server, distributed deployment, and cloud instance options are available.

Single Server Deployment

In a single server deployment, a single instance of Splunk Enterprise works as a data collection node, indexer, and search head. In this instance, install the Tenable Add-On and Tenable App on this node. Complete the setup for the Tenable Add-On to start data collection.

Distributed Deployment

In a distributed deployment, install Splunk on at least two instances. One node works as a search head while the other node works as an indexer for data collection.

The following table displays information on how the Tenable Add-On and Tenable App are installed in the distributed environment.

Component Forwarder Indexer Search Head
Tenable Add-on for Splunk (TA-Tenable)


  • configure accounts
  • configure data input


  • configure accounts
Tenable-SC App for Splunk (Tenable App) No No Yes

Cloud Instance

In Splunk Cloud, the data indexing takes place in a cloud instance.

Note: The data collection can take place in an on premise Splunk instance that works as a heavy forwarder.

The application can be installed via a command line or from the Splunk UI.

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