Upgrade the App from v1 to v4

Note: If you are upgrading from App v2 or v3 to v4, install the new version (v4) over your current version.

Complete the following steps to upgrade your application from v1 to v4:

Before you begin:

  • Back up all current application configurations outside the Splunk install path.

To upgrade from v1 to v4:

Note: The upgrade process includes uninstalling v1 before you install v4.

  1. Delete the app and all app configuration files from all Splunk search heads and heavy forwarders from the command line. For example:

    rm -rf $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/TA-tenable/

  2. Installation the v4 app.
  3. Configuration your account.
  4. Create a new index to store your data.

    Note: You cannot re-use an existing index.

  5. Create an Input.

    Note: Use the index that you created in step 4.

After the upgrade

  • When you enable the input, v4 imports all of your existing vulnerabilities, including all previously fixed vulnerabilities. Doing this ensures that you lose no data.
  • Synchronization of previously fixed vulnerabilities is optional during the input setup and disabled by default. To enable the synchronization, see the Create an Input section.
  • When the initial import completes, you can run saved searches to create lookup tables and build reports.