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IDS Configuration

LCE has the ability to receive IDS events from multiple sources. In addition to being normalized and stored in the log database, each event will be checked against any SecurityCenter vulnerability databases. If a host is vulnerable to attack, the event is marked as such, allowing rules to trigger on this scenario so that the information can be distributed to the affected administrators.

For each IDS sensor, a sensor name and type must be defined as in the example below. The supported types are Snort, Bro, RealSecure, Dragon, IntruVert, IntruShield, Juniper, NetScreen, NFR, Fortinet, Cisco, TippingPoint-Sensor, and TippingPoint-SMS.

Option Description


The IP address of the IDS.

Sensor Name

Name to be used within the SecurityCenter logs.

Sensor Type

IDS sensor type.

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