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Plugin Update

Updating Plugins (PRM Files) and TASL Scripts

This section describes the method for updating LCE plugins (files with a .prm extension) and TASL scripts. Plugin updates occur over a HTTPS connection at a set “Plugin Update Interval”. The default update interval is set to 3 days, but can be increased or reduced if required. The LCE web interface Plugin Update section which is found in the Configuration section under Feed Settings shown below can be easily used to update all plugins along with the HTML client, and LCE web server by simply selecting Update Plugins.

The directories containing the PRM files and TASL scripts are specified in the /opt/lce/daemons/plugins directory. When Update Plugins is invoked, the files contained in the /opt/lce/daemons/plugins directory, which are plugins and correlation scripts (TASL) will be archived to the /opt/lce/daemons/plugins_archive directory. The backups of the files in the TASL directory will appear in the plugins_archive directory as a file such as tasls.tar.gz, and the backups of the files in the plugins directory will appear in the plugins_archive directory as a file such as lce.tar.gz. The backup is only kept until the next plugin update.

Offline Updates

The Offline Plugin Update section can be found under Configuration, Advanced, and Feed Settings of the LCE GUI. It allows for a tar file of the LCE plugins to be uploaded by browsing to the file, and then selecting Process Plugins.

Option Description

Offline Update File

This option allows a user to upload a new set of plugins to the LCE. This is only required if an LCE server does not have internet access.

Process Update

Selecting this option will complete the update process using the plugins file that was uploaded.

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