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Data Sensors

In the Data Sensors section there is a drop-down box, Select Data Source, to select the type of data sources to be displayed. The Clients option is selected by default, and each client that has sent events to LCE is displayed. The Source column will display the IP address of the client. The Logs Today column will show the total number of logs collected by that client in the current day. The Client Type column will display the type of client. The Last Timestamp column will show when the client last sent an event.

The second option under Select Data Source is Syslog Sources, which will display all hosts that are forwarding syslog to the LCE server. The Source column displays the IP address of the syslog server, and the Logs Today column displays the total number of logs sent in the last day for each syslog server. The Encrypted column shows if the logs being forwarded are encrypted. The Last Timestamp column shows the last time each syslog server sent logs to the LCE server.

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