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Client Policy Builder

The Client Policy Builder is a tool for creating and editing policies directly in the LCE interface. The Builder can be used to create a policy for any supported combination of LCE client and operating system, and will not allow invalid combinations, preventing you from inadvertently creating an invalid policy. Additionally, if upgrading from a previous version of LCE, the Builder can be used to modify any existing policies and will alert you if an existing policy that you modify is invalid.

The Builder is divided into the title bar and the Basic and Advanced panes.

The title bar appears at the top of the Builder and displays the file name of the policy. If you are creating a new policy, the default name will reflect the LCE client type and the operating system that the policy supports. Additionally, the title bar contains the Save, Save as.., and Quit buttons.

In the Basic pane, you can add or remove configuration items and specify valid values for those items. All values that you enter for configuration items are validated. If an invalid value is entered, the Builder warns you and prevents the invalid policy from being saved. As you modify the configuration items in the Basic pane, the XML source code in the Advanced pane will be updated to reflect the new values. In the Basic pane, if a check box is empty, the value for that configuration item will be set to false in the Advanced pane.

In the Advanced pane, you can modify the XML directly. As with the values in the Basic pane, all changes made to the XML are validated, including but not limited to values for the configuration items, element tags, and the file header. You are also alerted if you attempt to add configuration items that do not correspond to the policy type. When changes are made to values in the XML, the Basic pane is updated to reflect the new values.

Note: It is recommended that only advanced users utilize the Advanced pane.

Primarily, the Builder will be used to:

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