Configure the LCE Windows Client

If you did not configure the LCE Windows Client during installation, or if you want to modify the configuration, you can configure the client using the command line.

To configure the LCE Windows Client:

  1. Via the command line, go to the directory where you installed the LCE Windows Client, then execute the following command: server_assignment --server-ip "<Server IP or Hostname>" --server-port <Server Port>

    • <Server IP or Hostname> corresponds to the IP address or hostname of the LCE server that you want the LCE Windows Client to communicate with. The hostname can be a maximum length of 46 characters.
    • <Port Number> corresponds to the port used to communicate with the LCE server. The default port is 31300.

    Note: The default installation location is C:\Program Files\Tenable\LCEClient.

  2. Type net stop "Tenable LCE Client"

    The LCE Client service stops.

  3. Type net start "Tenable LCE Client"

    The LCE Client service starts. The LCE Windows Client is configured.

Note: After the client is configured and authorized by the LCE server, a hidden file named .lcufh is created in C:\ProgramData\Tenable\LCE Client. This file contains a cache of process hashes and is used to store hashes that should only be reported once.