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Location of PostgreSQL Files in a LCE Installation

File Location Notes
data files lceActiveDbDirectory/postgresql By default, lceActiveDbDirectory is /opt/lce/db; to change its location, use change-activeDb-location script.
persistent configuration lceActiveDbDirectory/postgresql Primary config file is postgresql.conf
tracelog lceTracelogsDirectory/postgresql

By default, lceTracelogsDirectory is /opt/lce/admin/log; to change its location, use change-tracelogs-location script.

Expect two tracelog files: startup.log and server.log

binaries /opt/lce/postgresql/bin  
dynamic libraries /opt/lce/postgresql/lib To run any of the PostgreSQL binaries (see directly) above, your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable must include this directory; the script does this for you.
setup scripts, timezone rule files, text-search (TS) support files /opt/lce/postgresql/share  

The table below shows general background information on how LCE objects are represented with PostgreSQL.

  Elasticsearch (LCE 5.x) PostgreSQL
siloN Elasticsearch index siloN, comprised of an Elasticsearch type events and an Elasticsearch type silo_status. Table siloN, a member of the partitioned table events; and a row in the silos_roster table.
archived snapshot Elasticsearch snapshot. Export made with pg_dump --format=directory --compress options as done by the opt/lce/tools/archival-manager utility.

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