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Shortcuts for Running SQL Commands and Scripts

After logging in to a console window and invoking:

source /opt/lce/tools/

A reminder banner will appear:

USAGE of the enabled shortcuts:


psqlc "<a SQL command>"


psqlf <path to script with SQL commands> [<arg1> [<arg2> [...]]]




Invokes interactive prompt. Note that you can also invoke SQL scripts

from within the interactive prompt, like so: \i <path to script>


; you will then be prompted for script args.

The psqlf shortcut is useful for easily running the various SQL scripts packaged with LCE and found under /opt/lce/tools/pg-helper-sql/. Assuming you are in /opt/lce/tools/ directory, here is an example of running a SQL script that takes no arguments:

psqlf pg-helper-sql/table-sizes.sql

And here is an example of running a SQL script that takes an argument:

psqlf pg-helper-sql/disk-usage-one-silo.sql 0

The individual SQL scripts relevant to administration and to troubleshooting or performance tuning will be summarized in the Tools section.

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