Certificate-Authenticated Web UI Logins

You can configure the LCE server to allow certificate-authenticated connections for users logging in to the LCE web UI. When enabled, LCE requires certificate authentication for all users.

When you configure certificate-authenticated web UI logins:

  • Users cannot log in to LCE using a username and password.

  • Users cannot change their passwords.

  • LCE continues to enforce the following site policy configuration attributes:

    • web_UI__password__enforce_complexity

    • web_UI__password__minimum_length

  • LCE ignores the following site policy configuration attributes:

    • web_UI__password__fewest_changes_ere_reuse

    • web_UI__password__minimum_edit_distance

    • web_UI__password__max_lifetime__days

    • web_UI__password__minimum_lifetime__hours

For more information about site policy configuration attributes, see Site Policies.

To fully configure certificate-authenticated web UI logins:

  1. Configure the LCE server for certificate-authenticated logins, as described in Configure Certificate-Authenticated Web UI Logins.

  2. Configure certificate authentication for individual user accounts, as described in Enable Certificate-Authenticated Web UI Logins for a User.