The Alerts section is a simple way to see when a condition on the LCE server requires attention from the LCE administrator. It includes informational alerts, such as when a new LCE client requests authorization to send events to LCE. It also includes warnings, such as login failures to the LCE interface, or license expiration warnings. Finally, it includes error conditions that could prevent LCE from working properly.

Alert Occasions

For every alert created, LCE Server stores a corresponding occasion code, such as cannot_DNS_resolveclient__too_long_inactive, license_expired, or silo_archival_error.  These codes summarize recent LCE activity, with help of the following scripts under /opt/lce/tools/pg-helper-sql:

  • recent-alerts-24hours.sql— shows alert counts by occasion, grouped by hour for the past 24 hours. Hours without alerts are omitted, and alert occasions with zero occurrences are omitted.
  • recent-alerts-14days-list.sql— shows alert counts by occasion, grouped by day for the past 14 days. Days without alerts are shown, and occasions with zero occurrences are shown.  This script can be used for comparing the behavior of multiple LCE instances monitoring the same LCE instance over successive weeks.

The disabled_alert_occasions configuration attribute allows you to specify occasions of alerts you do not want created in order to avoid unwanted notifications.