Client Policies

To access the Policies page, in the top navigation bar, click Policies. The Policies page appears, displaying a table of policies, including the pre-packaged default and TNS policies. This table is referred to throughout this documentation as the policy table.

The Policies page is used to perform the following tasks:

Creating, editing, and cloning policies is performed using the Client Policy Builder.

Additionally, using the controls above the policy table, you can search the entries in the policy table, and show or hide table columns.

The following table lists the columns that appear on the Policies page, and provides a brief description of each. By default, all columns are visible.

Column Description

Policy name

The file name of the policy. The name of a prepackaged policy is prefixed by default or TNS. All policy files for Tenable Log Correlation Engine have the .lcp extension.


The operating system supported by the policy.

Client Type

The type of Tenable Log Correlation Engine client that the policy is for. For example, LCE Splunk or LCE Client.

Clients using

The number of clients to which the policy is assigned.

Created by

The user who created the policy. In the case of the prepackaged policies, the value is lce.

Last modified by

The user who last modified the policy.

Created on

The date on which the policy was created, or, if within 24 hours, the time since the policy was created. For example, 16 hours ago.


Contains the Edit, Clone, Delete, and Download buttons.

List All Client Policies

You can list all client policies with /opt/lce/tools/list-policies. For more information about the list-policies tool, see list-policies.

Example output: