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Resources (Nessus Scanner, Nessus Agent, NNM, and Industrial Security Connections)

The Migration Tool does not migrate your resources: Nessus scanner, Nessus Agent, NNM, or Industrial Security.

Post-Migration Action Items

If necessary, unlink your scanners attached to

  • To unlink existing Nessus scanners running version 7.1.2 or later from, toggle off the remote link connection. Then, link the Nessus scanner to For more information, see Remote Link in the Nessus User Guide.
  • To unlink existing Nessus scanners running version 7.1.1 or earlier from, see the documentation for --reset-all in Reset Registration and Erase Settings in the Nessus Command Line Reference. Then, link the Nessus scanner to via the command line.
  • To unlink existing Nessus agents from Nessus Manager and link them to, see the documentation for # nessuscli agent unlink and # nessuscli agent link in Nessuscli Agent in the Nessus User Guide.

Then, link all scanners to as described in Link a Scanner in the Vulnerability Management User Guide. For general assistance, or for assistance linking Nessus scanners installed on the Tenable Appliance, contact Tenable Support.

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