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Migration Tool FAQs

Consider the following frequently asked questions when planning your migration.

Is the migration tool supported for my environment?

For more information about local machine,, and requirements, see Environment Requirements.

Will the migration tool migrate all of my data?

No. For more information about migration limitations, see Migrated Data and Post-Migration Action Items.

Do I need to back up my before performing the migration?

Tenable™ recommends backing up your regularly as a deployment best practice, but the migration tool does not remove any data from Your deployment continues running as configured.

Can I run the migration tool more than once?

Yes. If you run the tool several times with the same instance, old scan results, user accounts, and data are preserved. Uniquely named scan results, user accounts, and data from the new migrations are added to For more specific information about how the migration tool handles conflicts, see Migrated Data and Post-Migration Action Items.

Should I run the migration tool via the user interface or via the CLI?

The user interface is a streamlined, guided method to configure and run the migration tool. Experienced users may prefer the CLI method.

Is there or performance impact during the migration?


How long does it take to run the migration tool?

Migration time varies depending on the number and complexity of your scan policies and scan results.

Can I exclude data from migration?

Yes. When configuring migration tool settings, you can select the Migrate all data except scan results and/or Migrate scan results to indicate the data you want to migrate.

Selecting Migrate all data except scan results but not Migrate scan results excludes scan results from the migration and shortens your migration time.

How do I perform post-migration action items in

For more information about required post-migration action items, see Migrated Data and Post-Migration Action Items. For more information about configuring features, see the User Guide.

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