Export Agents

To export agents data in Nessus Manager:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click Scans.

    The My Scans page appears.

  2. In the left navigation bar, click Agents.

    The Agents page appears.

  3. (Optional) Click the Filter button to apply a filter to the agents list.

  4. In the upper right corner, click Export. If a drop-down appears, click CSV.

    Your browser's download manager appears.

  5. Click OK to save the agents.csv file.

The agents.csv file exported from Nessus Manager contains the following data:

Field Description
Agent Name The name of the agent
Status The status of the agent at the time of export. Possible values are unlinked, online, or offline.
IP Address The IPv4 or IPv6 address of the agent.
Platform The platform the agent is installed on.
Groups The names of any groups the agent belongs to.
Version The version of the agent.
Last Plugin Update The date (in ISO-8601 format) the agent's plugin set was last updated.
Last Scanned The date (in ISO-8601 format) the agent last performed a scan of the host.