Configure Dynamic Plugins

With the Advanced Dynamic Scan template, you can create a scan or policy with dynamic plugin filters instead of manually selecting plugin families or individual plugins. As Tenable releases new plugins, any plugins that match your filters are added to the scan or policy automatically. This allows you to tailor your scans for specific vulnerabilities while ensuring that the scan stays up to date as new plugins are released.

For more information on specific plugins, see the Tenable plugins site. For more information on plugin families, see About Plugin Families on the Tenable plugins site.

To configure dynamic plugins:

  1. Do one of the following:

  2. Click the Advanced Dynamic Scan template.
  3. Click the Dynamic Plugins tab.
  4. Specify your filter options:

    • Match Any or Match All: If you select All, only results that match all filters appear. If you select Any, results that match any one of the filters appear.
    • Plugin attribute: See the Plugin Attributes table for plugin attribute descriptions.
    • Filter argument: Select is equal to, is not equal to, contains, does not contain, greater than, or less than to specify how the filter should match for the selected plugin attribute.
    • Value: Depending on the plugin attribute you selected, enter a value or select a value from the drop-down menu.
  5. (Optional) Click to add another filter.
  6. Click Preview Plugins.

    Tenable Nessus lists the plugins that match the specified filters.

  7. Click Save.

    Tenable Nessus creates the scan or policy, which automatically updates when Tenable adds new plugins that match the dynamic plugin filters.