IPv6 Support

Nessus supports scanning of IPv6 based resources. Many operating systems and devices ship with IPv6 support enabled by default. To perform scans against IPv6 resources, you must configure at least one IPv6 interface on the host where Nessus is installed, and Nessus must be on an IPv6 capable network (Nessus cannot scan IPv6 resources over IPv4, but it can enumerate IPv6 interfaces via credentialed scans over IPv4). Both full and compressed IPv6 notation are supported when initiating scans.

Nessus does not support scanning IPv6 Global Unicast IP address ranges unless you enter the IPs separately (in list format). Nessus does not support ranges expressed as hyphenated ranges or CIDR addresses. Nessus supports Link-local ranges with the link6 directive as the scan target or local link with eth0.