SMTP Server

The SMTP Server page allows you to configure a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server. Once you configure an SMTP server, Nessus can email HTML scan results to the list of recipients that you specify in the scan settings.

The following table describes the SMTP Server settings:

Setting Description
Host The SMTP server host.
Port The SMTP server port.
From (sender email) The email address that shows as the sender in the scan results email.

The email encryption type:

  • No EncryptionNessus does not encrypt the email.

  • Force SSLNessus forces SSL encryption for the email.

  • Force TLSNessus forces TLS encryption for the email.

  • Use TLS if availableNessus uses TLS encryption if the receiving server is compatible.

Hostname (for email links) The hostname that shows for the sender host and port in the email.
Auth Method

The authentication method Nessus uses to connect to the STMP server:

  • NONENessus does not authenticate the connection.

  • PLAINNessus secures the connection with plain (username/password) authentication.

  • LOGINNessus secures the connection with login authentication.

  • NTLMNessus secures the connection with NTLM authentication.

  • CRAM-MD5Nessus secures the connection with CRAM-MD5 authentication.