Upgrade a Cluster

If your cluster is not configured to update automatically and you need to update it to a new Tenable Nessus version, use the following steps to update the cluster parent node and child nodes manually. When you update cluster node versions manually, it is important to stop, update, and start the nodes in the documented order. Doing so ensures that, as long as the child nodes are running, they have access to the parent node and can continue to deliver scan results and other data.

To configure a cluster to update automatically, configure the Nessus Update Plan of each node as described in Update Tenable Nessus Software.

To learn more about clustering in Tenable Nessus, see Clustering and Clustering System Requirements.

To update a Tenable Nessus cluster manually:

  1. Stop Tenable Nessus on the child nodes.

  2. Stop Tenable Nessus on the parent node.

  3. Update the parent node to desired version.

  4. Update the child nodes to desired version.

  5. Start Tenable Nessus on the parent node.

  6. Start Tenable Nessus on the child nodes.

    Once you start all the nodes using the new version, the upgrade process is complete.