Update License Offline

If you have an existing Tenable Nessus server that is offline, and you want to update Tenable Nessus with a new license, use the following procedure.

To manage Tenable Nessus offline, you need two computers: the Tenable Nessus server, which is not connected to the internet, and another computer that is connected to the internet.

To update an offline Tenable Nessus server's license:

  1. Generate a Tenable Nessus challenge code on the offline system running Tenable Nessus.

    Before performing offline update operations, you may need to generate a unique challenge code on the Tenable Nessus server.

    Whereas you use an activation code when performing Tenable Nessus operations while connected to the internet, you use a license when performing offline operations; the generated challenge code enables you to view and use your license for offline operations.

    Use one of the following procedures to generate the challenge code:

  2. Copy your Tenable Nessus activation code on the offline system running Tenable Nessus.

    To generate a Tenable Nessus license, you must enter your activation code. To view your activation code, use one of the following procedures:

  3. Generate the license in the Tenable Nessus user interface on a system with internet access.

    By default, when you install Tenable Nessus, your license is hidden and automatically registered. You cannot view this license.

    However, if your Tenable Nessus server is not connected to the internet (in other words, it is offline), you must generate a license. This license is unique to your Tenable Nessus product, and you cannot share it.

    Your license is a text-based file that contains a string of alphanumeric characters. The license is created and based on your unique challenge code.

  4. Download and copy the license file (nessus.license) on a system with internet access.

    After you have generated your Tenable Nessus license, you now need to download and then copy the license to the offline system running Tenable Nessus.

  5. Register your license on the offline system running Tenable Nessus.

    Once you download and copy the nessus.license file to your offline Tenable Nessus server, use the nessuscli fetch --register command that corresponds to your operating system.