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Create a Limited Plugin Policy


  1. On the Policies page, select New Policy.

    The Policy Library appears.

  2. Select the Advanced Scan template.
  3. Configure the scan’s Settings using the Basic, Discovery, Assessment, Report, and Advanced links.
  4. Select Credentials.
  5. From the Credentials list, select applicable credentials required to perform the scan. Multiple credentials can be added and configured.
  6. If applicable, select Compliance.
  7. From the Compliance Checks list, select compliance checks applicable to perform the scan. Multiple compliance checks can be added and configured.
  8. Select Plugins.

    By default, all plugins are Enabled.

  9. Select the Disable All button.

  10. In the plugins list, select the Plugin Family name you want to enable.

    After you select the Plugin Family name, all associated plugins appear as Disabled in the right column.

  11. Next, from the right column, select the Disabled button next to each Plugin Name that you wish to include in your policy.
    In the right column, each plugin switches from Disabled to Enabled and the Plugin Family in the left column now shows Mixed.

    To commit your changes, select the Save button.

  12. Optional: Use the top menu, select the Filter Plugin Families search box to search for, find, and apply specific plugins.

    When finished, select the Apply button.

    From the results list, select the Enable button and then select the Save button.

  13. Optional: Add more plugins to your custom policy, clicking the Save button after enabling plugins.

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