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Updated Nessus Software using the Command Line

When updating Nessus components, you can use the nessuscli update commands, also found in the command line section.

Note: If you are working with Nessus offline, see Register Nessus Offline.

Operating System Command


# /opt/nessus/sbin/nessuscli <arg1> <arg2>


# /Library/Nessus/run/sbin/nessuscli <arg1> <arg2>


Commands must Run as administrator

C:\Program Files\Tenable\Nessus

Software Update Commands

nessuscli update

By default, this tool respects the software update options selected through the Nessus UI.

nessuscli update --all

Forces updates for all Nessus components.

nessuscli update --plugins-only

Forces updates for Nessus plugins only.

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