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Configure Nessus for Windows Logins

Nessus Web Interface

In the Scan Credential Settings section, select Windows. Specify the SMB account name, password and optional domain, then select Submit. The new scan policy will be added to the list of managed scan policies.

Nessus Linux Command Line

Using .nessus Files

Nessus has the ability to save configured scan policies, network targets and reports as a .nessus file. The Nessus Web Interface section describes the steps to create a .nessus file that contains SMB credentials.

Using .nessusrc Files

If you are manually building a .nessusrc file, there are three entries that allow for the configuration of the username, password and optional domain as shown below:

Login configurations[entry]:SMB account : =

Login configurations[password]:SMB password : =

Login configurations[entry]:SMB domain (optional) : =

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