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Configure Nessus

Note: See the Activation and Configuration video for details on how to configure Nessus in your browser.

Begin Browser Portion of the Nessus Setup

  1. On the Welcome to Nessus page, select the link at the end of the Please connect via SSL statement. You will be redirected and you will continue with the remaining installation steps.

    Caution: When accessing Nessus via a web browser, you will encounter a message related to a security certificate issue: a connection privacy problem, an untrusted site, an unsecure connection, or similar security related message. This is expected and normal behavior; Nessus provides a self-signed SSL certificate.

    Refer to the Security Warnings section for steps necessary to bypass the SSL warnings.

  2. Accept, then disable privacy settings.
  3. On the Welcome to Nessus page, select the Continue button.

Create Nessus System Administrator Account

  1. On the Initial Account Setup page, in the Username field, type the username that will be used for this Nessus System Administrator’s account.

    Note: After setup, you can create additional Nessus System Administrator accounts.

  2. Next, in the Password field, type the password that will be used for this Nessus System Administrator’s account.
  3. In the Confirm Password field, re-enter the Nessus System Administrator account’s password.
  4. Finally, select the Continue button.

Select Nessus Registration

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