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Generate Your License

By default, when Nessus is installed, your license is hidden, and is automatically registered. This license is not viewable.

However, in the event that your Nessus Server is not connected to the internet (i.e., is offline) a license must be generated. This license is unique to your Nessus product and cannot be shared.

Your license is a text-based file that contains a string of alphanumeric characters. The license is created and based on your unique generated challenge code.

  1. On a system with internet access (B), navigate to the Nessus Offline Registration Page.

  2. Where prompted, type in your challenge code.

    Example Challenge Code: aaaaaa11b2222cc33d44e5f6666a777b8cc99999

  3. Next, where prompted, enter your Nessus activation code.

    Example Activation Code: AB-CDE-1111-F222-3E4D-55E5-CD6F

  4. Select Submit.

    At the bottom of the resulting web page, there is an embedded nessus.license file that includes the license text string displayed.

  5. Next, Download and Copy License File (nessus.license).

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