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Get Started with Nessus


Install and configure Nessus

Create and configure scans

  1. Run a host discovery scan to identify assets on your network.
  2. Create a scan.
  3. Select a scan template that fits your needs.

    When you configure a Tenable-provided scan template, you can modify only the settings included for the template type. When you create a user-defined template, you can modify a custom set of settings for your scan. A user-defined template is also known as a policy.

  4. Configure the scan:
    • Configure the scan settings available for your template.

      For information about scan targets, see About Scan Targets.

    • (Optional) If you are running a credentialed scan, configure credentials.
    • (Optional) If you are running a compliance scan, select the compliance audits your scan includes.
    • (Optional) If you are using an advanced scan template, select what plugins your scan includes.
  5. Launch the scan.

View and analyze scan results

Refine Nessus settings

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