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Uninstall Nessus on Mac OS X

Stop Nessus

  1. In System Preferences, select the Nessus button.
  2. On the Nessus.Preferences screen, select the lock to make changes.
  3. Next, enter your username and password.
  4. Select the Stop Nessus button.

    The Status becomes red and displays Stopped.

  5. Finally, exit the Nessus.Preferences screen.

Remove the following Nessus directories, subdirectories, or files

/Library/PreferencePanes/Nessus Preferences.prefPane

Disable the Nessus service

  1. To prevent the Mac OS X from trying to start the now non-existent service, type the following command from a command prompt.

    $ sudo launchctl remove com.tenablesecurity.nessusd

  1. If prompted, provide the administrator password.

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