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Scanners / Agents / Linked

After you have performed a Nessus Agent Install, you can view and manage your Nessus Agents in the Nessus UI.

In Nessus Manager, select the button.

Delete Agents

On the Scanners/ Agents / Linked page, you can delete agents.

To delete multiple agents at once, select the check boxes that correspond to the agents you want to delete, and then select the Remove button at the top of the page.

Scanners / Agents / Groups

Once linked to Nessus Manager, Nessus Agents can be managed by adding or removing them from Nessus Agent Groups.

On the Scanners / Agents / Linked page, you can create a new agent group.

Once a new group has been created, you can:

  • Manage its Agents
  • Set Permissions for the Agent Group
  • Rename the Agent Group

During the installation of Nessus Agents, you had the option of adding your agent to an existing Agent Group.

If you did not have any Agent Groups created prior to the Nessus Agent’s install, or you opted to not add your agent to an existing group, you can create Agent Groups in the Nessus UI.

Agent groups are used to organize and manage the agents linked to your scanner. Each agent can be added to any number of groups and scans can be configured to use these groups as targets.


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