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Manage Advanced Settings

Nessus Manager and Nessus Professional features Advanced Settings. These customizable settings provide granular control of Nessus operations.

Caution: Advanced Settings are helpful in specific situations, but changing settings is not required for routine use. Modifying Advanced Settings may involve risk, so please use them with caution. If you are unsure about modifying any setting, please contact Tenable, Inc. Support

  • Advanced Settings are global settings.
  • To configure Advanced Settings, you must use a Nessus System Administrator user account.
  • When modified, changes go into effect a few minutes after the setting is saved.
  • global.max_hosts, max_hosts, and max_checks settings can have a particularly great impact on Nessus' ability to perform scans.
  • Custom policy settings supersede the global Advanced Settings.

Note: When an Advanced Setting is added or an existing setting is modified, you are prompted to either Discard or Save the setting.

Modify Advanced Value

  1. From the Advanced Settings page, select the name of the value.
  2. Type a new Value
  3. Select Save.

    Tip: Changes go into effect a few minutes after the setting is saved.

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