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When a scan is configured with DashboardEnabled, the scan’s results page defaults to the interactive dashboard view.

Dashboard View

Based on the type of scan performed and the type of data collected, the dashboard displays key values and a trending indicator.

Dashboard Details

Name Description

Current Vulnerabilities

The number of vulnerabilities identified by the scan, by severity.

Operating System Comparison

The percentage of operating systems identified by the scan.

Vulnerability Comparison

The percentage of all vulnerabilities by the scan, identified by severity.

Host Count Comparison

The percentage of hosts scanned by credentialed and non-credentialed authorization types: without authorization, new (scan) without authorization, with authorization, and new (scan) with authorization.

Vulnerabilities Over Time Vulnerabilities found over a period of time. Note: At least 2 scans must be completed for this chart to be displayed.

Top Hosts

Top 8 hosts that had the highest number of vulnerabilities found in the scan.

Top Vulnerabilities

Top 8 vulnerabilities based on severity.

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