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Policies Page

The Policies page displays your created policies.

Tip: For instructions on performing the actions available on the Policies page, see the related How To section of this guide.

The following items are available on the Policies page:

  • Parameters that control technical aspects of the scan such as timeouts, number of hosts, type of port scanner, and more.
  • Credentials for local scans (e.g., Windows, SSH), authenticated Oracle database scans, HTTP, FTP, POP, IMAP, or Kerberos based authentication.
  • Granular family or plugin-based scan specifications.
  • Database compliance policy checks, report verbosity, service detection scan settings, Linux compliance checks, and more.
  • Offline configuration audits for network devices, allowing safe checking of network devices without needing to scan the device directly.
  • Windows malware scans which compare the MD5 checksums of files, both known good and malicious files.

When creating a Policy, in the Policy Library, Nessus organizes policies into three categories: Scanner Templates, Agent Templates, and User-created policies.

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