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Install Nessus on Mac OS X

Download Nessus package file

For details, refer to the Product Download topic.

Extract the Nessus files

Double-click the Nessus-<version number>.dmg file.

Start Nessus Installation

Double-click Install Nessus.pkg.

Complete the Tenable Network Security Nessus Server Install

When the installation begins, the Install Tenable Network Security Nessus Server screen will be displayed and provides an interactive navigation menu.


The Welcome to the Tenable Network Security Nessus Server Installer window provides general information about the Nessus installation.

  1. Read the installer information.
  2. To begin, select the Continue button.


  1. On the Software License Agreement screen, read the terms of the Tenable Network Security Nessus software license and subscription agreement.
  2. OPTIONAL: To retain a copy of the license agreement, select Print or Save.
  3. Next, select the Continue button.
  4. To continue installing Nessus, select the Agree button, otherwise, select the Disagree button to quit and exit.

Installation Type

On the Standard Install on <DriveName> screen, choose one of the following options:

  • Select the Change Install Location button.
  • Select the Install button to continue using the default installation location.


When the Preparing for installation screen appears, you will be prompted for a username and password.

  1. Enter the Name and Password of an administrator account or the root user account.
  2. On the Ready to Install the Program screen, select the Install button.

Next, the Installing Tenable Network Security Nessus screen will be displayed and a Status indication bar will illustrate the remaining installation progress. The process may take several minutes.


When the installation is complete, you will see The installation was successful. screen.

After the installation completes, select Close.

The remaining Nessus installation steps will be performed in your web browser.
Configure Nessus

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