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Create a Scan

All Scan and Policy Templates share Basic, Discovery, Assessment, Report, and Advanced settings, as well as Credentials options.

Advanced Scan templates include Compliance and Plugins options.

Note: Tenable offers a Nessus scanner AMI in the AWS Marketplace for use with that is preauthorized to scan your AWS instances. There is no need to ask AWS for permission. When you launch a Nessus preauthorized scanner, it appears as a scanner in your instance of When you select that scanner in a scan configuration, the Targets subsection appears on the Settings page in the Basic section. In the Targets subsection, you can select the AWS instances you want to scan. See the How-To guide for preauthorized scanners, available on the Tenable AWS integrations page. Note that this is available only for

Tip: For scanning agents, see Manage Nessus Agents.

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