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Manage Scans

View all scans on the Scans / All Scans page.

When a scan is selected from the list of scans, the More button appears and additional options for the selected scan become available.

Select Configure to display the scan results and modify scan settings.

Upload a Scan

Scans results can be exported and then imported using the Upload button. Valid file formats are .(dot)nessus and .db. Uploaded scans are imported into the Scan / My Scans folder.

After a scan is imported, you can view its Scan Results. By default, imported scans do not have the Dashboard Enabled feature turned on.

Tip: Scans results can be imported from other Nessus Manager scans, even from other Nessus installs.

Upload Scan Options

Option Description


An XML-based format and the de-facto standard in Nessus 4.2 and later. This format uses an expanded set of XML tags to make extracting and parsing information more granular. This report does not allow chapter selection.

If the policy is exported and saved to a .nessus file, the passwords are stripped.

When importing a .nessus file format, you will need to re-apply your passwords to the credentials being used.

Nessus DB

An encrypted database format used in Nessus 5.2 and later that contains all the information in a scan, including the audit trails and results. When exporting to this format, you are prompted for a password to encrypt the results of the scan.

Configure a Scan

The Configure option allows you to manage scan settings and schedules.

Disable a Scheduled Scan

If the scan that you have selected is configured with a schedule, the More menu allows you to disable the scan’s schedule.

Copy a Scan

Based on permissions, you have the ability to Copy existing scans.

  1. Select the scan to be copied.
  2. From the More drop-down menu, select Copy to.
  3. Copy the scan to an existing folder or select New Folder to create a new folder to store the copied scan.
  4. Type a new Scan Name and choose whether or not to Include scans history.

Imported scans cannot be copied; they can be moved.

Move a Scan

Similar to copying a scan, the Move to to option allows you to move a selected scan to a different folder, to the Trash folder, or allows you to create a New Folder to move the scan to.

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