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Nessus Professional

The settings landing page displays the Overview for your local Nessus Scanner and its Nessus plugins:

  • Your Nessus product name and version
  • Your plugin last update
  • Your plugin expiration date
  • The plugin set identifier
  • Your Nessus Activation Code

From the Overview Page, you can:

If you are working with Nessus offline, see Manage Nessus Offline

Link Scanner to Nessus Manager or

The Local / Link page is a Nessus Professional only feature. This page allows you to link your Nessus Professional Scanner to Nessus Manager or to

  1. On the Local / Link page, use the toggle to create a linked scanner.

  2. Create a unique Scanner Name.
  3. Enter the Manager Host, Manager Port, and Linking Key obtained from Nessus Manager or



    Scanner Name

    Unique Scanner Name. This name will appear in Nessus Manager or's linked scanners.

    Manager Host

    The hostname or IP address of Nessus Manager.

    If connecting to, use as the Manager Host.

    Manager Port

    The port number to connect to Nessus Manager (8834).

    If connecting to, use port 443.

    Linking Key

    The Nessus Manager or Linking Key.

    Tip: In Nessus Manager, the Linking Key is displayed on the Scanners / Remote / Linked page.

    In, the Linking Key is displayed on the Scanners > Linked Scanners page.

    Use Proxy

    OPTIONAL: If communication must be directed through a proxy, select this option. Once selected, the scanner uses the Proxy Server information provided on the Communication / Network / Proxy Server page.

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