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Scan Folders

  • Upon install, the Nessus interface displays 3 scan system folders, which cannot be deleted: My Scans, Trash, and All Scans.
  • Scan / All Scans displays all scans in all folders.
  • When a scan is created, the default folder selected is My Scans.
  • During the creation of a scan, only existing folders can be selected; scan folders cannot be created during a scan.
  • From the left navigation, hovering over a scan folder’s name allows you to Rename or Delete it.
  • Deleting a scan folder with scans in it, moves the scans to the Trash folder.
  • Scans in Trash folder no longer perform; however, the scan has not been deleted.
  • From the Trash folder, scans can be deleted, moved to another folder, or moved to a New Folder.
  • Scans stored in the Trash folder will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

After a scan is created, and based on permissions, when a scan is selected from the Scans page, the More button appears and the following additional options for the selected scan become available:

  • Configure
  • Copy to
  • Launch
  • Mark Unread
  • Move to

For more information about Scan Results, Scan Dashboards, and Scan Reports, see Scan Results.

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