Agent Software Footprint

Note: Performance varies by environment and you may or may not see similar results.

Agent Footprint on Disk

Total Software Footprint on Disk

RAM Usage While Not Scanning

Average RAM Usage While Scanning/Peak

Network Bandwidth Usage

6.6 MB

800 MB including plugin updates *

~40 MB RAM

~45 MB RAM

~1.5 MB/day **

Expected to be much higher in normal conditions.

*Under certain conditions, disk usage can spike up to 1GB.

**Used nethogs program to collect network usage (sent/received) of nessusd. After a single scan that detected 66 vulnerabilities on the agent host, 0.855 MB was sent and received (breakdown: .771 MB sent, .084 MB received). After two total scans, 1.551 MB was sent and 0.204 MB was received. Set to > 1 MB day as the polling for jobs adds up (~0.008 MB per poll).