Connect with Certificate or Card Enabled Browser

The following information is provided with the understanding that your web browser is configured for SSL certificate authentication. This includes the proper trust of the CA by the web browser. Please refer to your web browser’s help files or other documentation to configure this feature.

The process for certificate login begins when a user connects to Nessus.


  1. Launch a web browser and navigate to the Nessus server.

    The web browser presents a list of available certificate identities to select from.

  2. Once a certificate has been selected, a prompt for the PIN or password for the certificate is presented (if required) to access your certificate. When the PIN or password is successfully entered, the certificate will be available for the current session with Nessus.

  3. Upon navigating to the Nessus user interface, you may briefly see the username and password screen followed by an automatic login as the designated user. The Nessus user interface may be used normally.

    Note: If you log out of the session, you will be presented with the standard Nessus login screen. If you want to log in again with the same certificate, refresh your web browser. If you need to use a different certificate, you must restart your web browser session.