Scan Folders

On the Scans page, the left navigation bar is divided into the Folders and Resources sections. The Folders section always includes the following default folders that cannot be removed:

  • My Scans
  • All Scans
  • Trash
Note: All scan folders and related actions (e.g. moving and deleting scans) are user-specific and tag-based. For example, when one user deletes a scan, it will only move to the trash folder for that user. For other users, the scan remains in the original folder and is updated with a trash tag.

When you access the Scans page, the My Scans folder appears. When you create a scan, it appears by default in the My Scans folder.

The All Scans folder displays all scans you have created as well as any scans with which you have permission to interact. You can click on a scan in a folder to view scan results.

Note: See the Basic Scan Analysis video for an explanation of how to interact with scan results. See the Advanced Analysis video for a more detailed explanation of how to interact with scan results using the Advanced Search feature.

The Trash folder displays scans that you have deleted. In the Trash folder, you can permanently remove scans from your Nessus instance, or restore the scans to a selected folder. If you delete a folder that contains scans, all scans in that folder are moved to the Trash folder. Scans stored in the Trash folder are automatically deleted after 30 days.