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Configure Nessus

Note: See the Activation and Configuration video for details on how to configure Nessus in your web browser.

Before You Begin

When you access Nessus in a web browser, a warning appears regarding a connection privacy problem, an untrusted site, an unsecure connection, or a related security certificate issue. This is expected and normal behavior. Nessus provides a self-signed SSL certificate.

Refer to the Security Warnings section for steps necessary to bypass the SSL warnings.

Note: Depending on your environment, plugin configuration and initialization can take several minutes.

To configure Nessus:

  1. On the Create an account window, enter a username and password for the Nessus System Administrator account.

  2. Click the Continue button.
  3. On the Register your scanner window, in the Scanner Type drop-down box, select the method by which you want to register Nessus:

  4. In the Activation Code box, type your activation code.
  5. Click the Continue button.

    You have successfully configured Nessus, and the Nessus web interface appears.

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