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Link to Industrial Security

During initial installation, you can install Nessus as a remote scanner linked to Industrial Security. If you choose not to link the scanner during initial installation, you can link your Nessus scanner later.

Note: Once you link Nessus to Industrial Security, it remains linked until you unlink it.

Before you begin

To link Nessus to Industrial Security:

  1. On the Register your scanner screen, in the Scanner Type drop-down box, click Managed by Industrial Security.
  2. In the Host box, type the Industrial Security host.

  3. In the Port box, type the Industrial Security port.
  4. In the Linking Key box, type the linking key that appears on the Settings > Sensor Configuration page in Industrial Security.
  5. (Optional) Select the Use Proxy check box.
  6. (Optional) To configure more advanced settings, click Settings.

    The Advanced Settings window appears.

    1. (Optional) If you selected Use Proxy, set Proxy settings.
    2. (Optional) Set Plugin Feed settings.
    3. (Optional) Set Master Password settings.
    4. Click Save.
  7. Click Continue.

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