Download and Copy License File (nessus.license)

After you have generated your Nessus license, you now need to download and then copy the license to the offline system (A) running Nessus.

Note: These instructions apply to Nessus 6.3 and newer and directs you to the following URL:

If you are using a version of Nessus 6.2 or earlier, you must use the information and instructions displayed on the following URL:

  1. While still using the computer with internet access (B), select the on-screen nessus.license link.
    The link will download the nessus.license file.
  2. Copy the nessus.license file to the offline system (A) running Nessus 6.3 and newer.

    Use the directory specific to your operating system:




    # /opt/nessus/etc/nessus/


    # /usr/local/nessus/etc/nessus

    Mac OS X

    # /Library/Nessus/run/etc/nessus



  3. Next, register your license with Nessus.