Agent Settings

On your agent's manager, you can configure system-wide agent settings to specify inactive agent options and blackout window settings for all your linked agents. For more information on creating, modifying, and deleting blackout windows, see Blackout Windows.

Option Description
Manage Agents

Track unlinked agents

When this setting is enabled, agents that are unlinked are preserved in the manager along with the corresponding agent data. This option can also be set using the nessuscli utility.

Note: Inactive agents that are automatically unlinked by Nessus Manager automatically relink when they back online.

Remove agents that have been inactive for X days

Specifies the number of days an agent can be inactive before the manager removes the agent.

Requires that Track unlinked agents is enabled.

Blackout Windows
Enforce a permanent blackout window schedule

When enabled, Nessus Manager prevents agents from updating software. The following blackout window settings also apply during this window.

Tip: This setting acts as a permanent blackout window while it is enabled.

Prevent software updates When enabled, agents do not receive software updates during scheduled blackout windows.
Prevent plugin updates When enabled, agents do not receive plugin updates during scheduled blackout windows.
Prevent agent scans When enabled, the system does not run agent scans during scheduled blackout windows.