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Transfer User Data

In instances of Nessus with multiple users, such as Nessus Manager, you can transfer a user's data to a system administrator. When you transfer user data, you transfer ownership of all policies, scans, scan results, and plugin rules to a system administrator account. Transferring user data is useful if you need to remove a user account but do not want to lose their associated data in Nessus.

To transfer user data:

  1. Log in to Nessus with the system administrator account to which you want to transfer user data.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click Settings.

    The About page appears.

  3. In the left navigation bar, under Accounts, click Users.

    The Users page appears and displays the users table.

  4. In the users table, select the check box for each user whose data you want to transfer to your account.
  5. In the upper-right corner, click Transfer Data.

    A warning window appears.

    Note: Once you transfer user data, you cannot undo the action.

  6. To transfer the data, click Transfer.

    Nessus transfers ownership of the selected user's policies, scans, scan results, and plugin rules to the administrator account.

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