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Nessus may periodically display notifications such as login attempts, errors, system information, and license expiration information. These notifications appear after you log in, and you can choose to acknowledge or dismiss each notification. For more information, see Acknowledge Notifications.

The following table describes the two ways you can view notifications:

Notification View Location Description
Current notifications

The bell icon in the top navigation bar ()

Displays notifications that appeared during this session.

When you acknowledge a notification, it no longer appears in your current notification session, but continues to be listed in the notification history.

Notification history

Settings > Notifications

Displays all notifications from the past 90 days.

The notifications table displays each notification and the time and date it appeared, whether it was acknowledged, the severity, and the message. Unacknowledged notifications appear in bold. You cannot acknowledge a notification from the notification history view.

For more information, see View Notifications.

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