Agents increase scan flexibility by making it easy to scan assets without needing ongoing host credentials or assets that are offline. Additionally, agents enable large-scale concurrent scanning with little network impact.

Once linked, an agent must be added to an agent group for use when configuring scans. Linked agents will automatically download plugins from the manager upon connection. Agents are automatically unlinked after a period of inactivity.

Note: Agents can take several minutes to download plugins, but it is required before an agent returns scan results.

To manage agents, see the following:

Agent Groups

Agent groups are used to organize and manage the agents linked to your scanner. Each agent can be added to any number of groups and scans can be configured to use these groups as targets.

Note: Agent group names are case sensitive. When you link agents using System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or the command line, you must use the correct case.

For more information, see Agent Groups.

Blackout Windows

blackout windows allow you to schedule times where certain agent activities are suspended for all linked agents.

For more information, see Freeze Windows.

Agent Clustering

With Nessus Manager clustering, you can deploy and manage large numbers of agents from a single Nessus Manager instance.

For more information, see Clustering.