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Fix Agent Settings

The following settings describe nessuscli fix commands that relate to Nessus Agent.

Command Description
# nessuscli fix --set update_hostname="<value>"

Updates agent hostnames automatically in or Nessus Manager 7.1.1 or later. The update_hostname parameter can be set to yes or no. By default, this preference is disabled.

Note: Restart the agent service for the change to take effect in Nessus Manager.

# nessuscli fix --set track_unique_agents="<value>"

Tracks unique agent assets by MAC address to prevent duplicates and outdated agents from appearing in Nessus Manager if a system is reinstalled.

The track_unique_agent parameter is available in Nessus 7.1.1 and can be set to yes or no. By default, this preference is enabled.

# nessuscli fix --set max_retries="<value>" Sets the maximum number of times an agent should retry in the event of a failure when executing the agent link, agent status, and agent unlink commands.
nessuscli fix --secure --list Displays a list of agent settings and their values.

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