Local Agents Commands

The Nessus Agent commands can link or unlink agents, or it can report on the status of the agent.

Link and Unlink the Nessus Agent

The nessuscli agent link command links the agent to Nessus Manager, using the Nessus Manager linking key.

Basic usage for the Nessus Agents command line:

# /opt/nessus_agent/sbin/nessuscli agent link --key=00b5a8fec9f3a21fa1cff66ce99c6324adf324226948c6f1516eb9f9433b964744

Required arguments:




Optional arguments:



(missing or bad snippet)








Success or failure messages

Once the agent is successfully linked, you will see the following output:

# /opt/nessus_agent/sbin/nessuscli agent link --key=00b5a8fec9f3a21fa1cff66ce99c6324adf324226948c6f1516eb9f9433b964744 --groups= Workstation --host=ndev3 --port=8834

Agent successfully linked

If there were issues connecting the Agent to the Manager, you will see a Failed to link the agent message.

# /opt/nessus_agent/sbin/nessuscli agent link --key=00abd4c487c472edb77cea8a14bb8c603a88203a2e6bf1f6df46159b5ad5ef18df --name=Workstation --groups=Accounting --host= --port=8834

Failed to link the agent:

Check the Nessus Agent Status

The Nessus agent status will show you if an agent is linked, and how many jobs are pending if it is linked.

# /opt/nessus_agent/sbin/nessuscli agent status

Agent linked

0 jobs pending

If the Nessus agent is not linked, the status will show that it is not linked to any servers.

# /opt/nessus_agent/sbin/nessuscli agent status

Agent not linked to a server

If the Nessus Agent is linked, the status will show the IP address of the connected server and port:

# /opt/nessus_agent/sbin/nessuscli agent status

Agent is linked to

0 jobs pending